Saturday, February 11, 2012

Love Advice from the Craddock Children

In honor of Valentine's Day, here are some golden nuggets of wisdom from Katie (almost 8) and Colt (5 1/2) on Love, Marriage, Dating and Relationships.

What is love?

"Love is when you really like somebody but you don't just like them, you like them so so much that it's like quadruple like." -- Katie

What is marriage?

"If you go to a wedding and two people are there in the middle of the road and all the people are gathered not in the road, then those two people are married." -- Colt

How do you know when people are in love?

"When they spend so much time together and they go to the movies, go on dates, and talk a lot." -- Katie

What are your beauty tips for women?

"First sometimes you put on makeup, sometimes you don't need to. Sometimes you need to fix your hair like brush it, put it in a ponytail, put hair clips in it, stuff like that." -- Katie

"Girls should get dresses on and look like they are fancy and like they are from a different place they are not from." -- Colt

What are your style tips for men?

"Dress nicely and fix your hair nice. If you look good without a beard, shave your beard if you have one. If you look good with a beard and you have one don't shave it. You should brush your hair nice if it is all crazy and get it cut nice if it is too long. Also, you should get nice shoes." -- Katie

"Get dressed good. You have to get your clothes on. Cut your hair if it is so long." -- Colt

How do you know that mommy and daddy are in love?

"You kiss each other good bye and you love each other and talk to each other nice and help each other. And sometimes you get in fights, but mostly you help each other look good." -- Katie

What Mom and Dad have in common?

"You both drive a car." -- Colt

"I know lots of things! 1) Drive a car. 2) Play soccer. 3) Have birthdays. 4) Have faces. 5)Help each other do chores. 6) Play with the children." -- Katie

How do you make someone fall in love with you?

"Get very handsome. And if you aren't handsome, get handsomer." -- Colt

"Be very sweet. Sometimes even give them presents. Look handsome or beautiful." -- Katie

What to do when you realize your date isn't "the one"

"You just say, "Uh, sorry, but you're not really the right person for me and I just noticed that. But we can still be friends!" -- Katie

"Sorry, but I can't marry you." -- Colt

If you wrote a love song, what what you call it?

"I Love You, Baby" -- Katie
"I Love You Sweetheart" -- Colt
"I'm Just Still Hungry" -- Christian

How many children do you want to have, and why?

"I want to have eighteen children. Nine girls, nine boys. And I want to have them because I like children and I love cute babies. And I like children to help me." -- Katie

"I want to have six. Three girls and three boys. So it can be fair." -- Colt

What are you looking for in a husband?

"I would like a sweet, kindhearted husband that really loves me that is sweet and handsome, loves God, is a preacher, works hard and is not lazy, helps me take care of my kids and not be like, 'Do all this kid work yourself,' and helps me a lot." -- Katie

What are you looking for in a wife?

"I want my wife to be a girl that goes to church and has Jesus in her heart and prays and helps other people." -- Colt

Last advice on love?

"Be careful of what you do and say, because you might say or do the wrong thing and then the person might not like you or think you are gross if it is something gross." -- Katie

"You may only obey God's or Jesus' laws. Because God's love is gooder and Jesus' love is gooder than anybody's love in the whole, wide world." -- Colt


  1. I love this so much! Thanks for the advice Katie and Colt (and Christian, his one piece of advice might be my favorite:))

  2. Ah, yes. Christian's advice was amazing.

  3. I Loved! reading the Innocence in every advise they shared <3